Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chinglish 2

Over a year ago I posted some funny examples of "Chinglish", in other words the funny and mistifying English you find on signs all over China.

Here's some more examples of funny Chinglish which I have encountered during my travels around China.
The first photo was taken in the olympic park in Beijing. The second one is from the famous 798 art district of the capital. It is meant to be something about driving in a civilized fashion perhaps. The third one was taken in a well known park in Guiyang, Guizhou. There are a couple of the park's famous monkeys sitting on the sign. I think it must be some kind of environmental slogan. The next photo was taken next to the great statue of Buddha in Leshan, Sichuan. The final one was also taken in Leshan, in the same park. It basically means "don't step on the flowers". Isn't it much more poetical to say "take beautiful memory away, and leave pretty spirit"?

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