Saturday, June 4, 2016

Goodwill suggestions and groundless accusations

The image below has been circulating on the Chinese internet. It hilariously paraphrases the Chinese foreign minister's angry outburst during a press conference in Canada, which followed a local journalist asking him a provocative question about his country's human rights.

Here is a translation of the text:

First policeman: Someone reported that you were beating your wife. We have come to check things out.

From behind the door: Do you understand my family? Have you ever visited my home?
Do you know the process by which we went from selling pancakes from a street stall to opening restaurants? If I were beating my wife, do you think we could have developed so well? Do you know that we have already made "wife protection" part of our own family law? I have to tell you that the ones who best understand our spousal relationship are ourselves, and not you. You have no right to express your views on this, only we do, so please don't ask such irresponsible questions again. 
Our family welcomes goodwill suggestions, but we reject groundless accusations.

Second policemen: Captain, we better get out of here. We are no match for this guy's wit.

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E.C. Hendriks said...

Haha :)
Yes, the Chinese response at work.